What is it ?

SRBMiner Cryptonight AMD GPU Miner is a Windows software made for mining cryptocurrencies based on Cryptonight algorithm.
There are now a lot of different Cryptonight variations, and SRBMiner supports them all!
At the moment SRBMiner is the FASTEST miner for AMD Vega video cards.


Supported algorithms

  • CryptoNight Classic
  • CryptoNight V7
  • CryptoNight Lite Classic
  • CryptoNight LiteV7
  • CryptoNight Heavy
  • CryptoNight BitTubeV2
  • CryptoNight ArtoCash
  • CryptoNight Alloy
  • CryptoNight StelliteV4
  • CryptoNight Masari (FAST)
  • CryptoNight Haven
  • CryptoNight MarketCash
  • CryptoNight B2N
  • Cryptonight Italo

Nicehash, SSL/TLS connections are fully supported.

DevFee is very low, it's only 1 minute of mining every 2 hours (~ 0.85%)

Lot of useful options included like :

  • Hashrate watchdog that restarts miner on GPU error
  • System shutdown on too high GPU temperature
  • Hashrate monitor that restarts miner if hashrate has dropped
  • Temperature and fan speed setup and monitoring
  • API for miner statistics
  • Multiple pools with failover support
  • Add new pools on the fly without restarting miner
  • Difficulty monitor, reconnects to pool if difficulty is too high
  • Job timeout monitor, reconnects to pool if no job received for a long time

How to set it up

Everything you need to know is in the ReadMe.txt file in the miner directory.

Config files method
To get started there are 2 files you need to edit : config.txt and pools.txt

Here is an example :


"cryptonight_type" : "normalv7",
"intensity" : 0,
"double_threads" : true

Intensity if set to 0 will try to automatically find a good setting for your video card/s.
Afterwards you can tune your cards manually to get a higher hashrate.

The "double_threads" option if set to true can boost things and make the hashrate even higher.


"pools" :
{"pool" : "pool1:port", "wallet" : "your-wallet-address", "password" : "x"},
{"pool" : "pool2:port", "wallet" : "your-wallet-address", "password" : "x"}

This can't get easier, you need to input the address and port of your pool, insert your wallet and password if there is any.

Command line interface method

  • --ccryptonighttype value (algo to use)
  • --cgpuid value (gpu id, comma separated values, use --listdevices to see available)
  • --cgpuintensity value (gpu intensity, comma separated values)
  • --cgputhreads value (number of gpu threads, comma separated values)
  • --cgpuworksize value (gpu worksize, comma separated values)
  • --cgputargettemperature value (gpu temperature, comma separated values)
  • --cgputargetfanspeed value (gpu fan speed in RPM, comma separated values)
  • --cgpuadltype value (gpu adl to use (1 or 2), comma separated values)
  • --cgpukernel value (gpu kernel to use (1 or 2), comma separated values)

Use 1 GPU with id 0 , intensity 120, 2 threads on algo cryptonight v7 on nanopool:

SRBMiner-CN.exe --ccryptonighttype normalv7 --cgpuid 0 --cgpuintensity 120 --cgputhreads 2 --cpool xmr-eu1.nanopool.org:14444 --cwallet your-wallet

Use 5 GPUS with id 0,1,2,3,4 , intensities 56,56,55,58,55, 2 threads for each GPU, on algo cryptonight v7 on nanopool:

SRBMiner-CN.exe --ccryptonighttype normalv7 --cgpuid 0,1,2,3,4 --cgpuintensity 56,56,55,58,55 --cgputhreads 2,2,2,2,2 --cpool xmr-eu1.nanopool.org:14444 --cwallet your-wallet

Need more info ?

Join us at BitcoinTalk forums and learn everything you need to know about SRBMiner Cryptonight miner.